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Lonely Evening
The time is 11 o’clock pm.   Secluded in a dark room,
Besides the hazy, yellow light hanging above my head
From the dust-covered chandelier, I silently watch
The steam rise from my mug full of piping hot tea
Resting on the tabletop. Words that are not my own
Are ricocheting off the walls of my mind; insults as stinging
As spider bites and lies as bittersweet as cake laced with
Botulism. I unbutton the top of my severely wrinkled shirt and
Loosen my tie, pied with stains of unknown substances. My eyes fell
On to the table’s swirling rings (a design of the maker) and I recounted
The laughs that I shared with fellow boys and girls who I was not fully
Acquainted with, but I knew enough to refer to them as companions.
My thoughts then refocus on a moment earlier in the day when I enviously
Spied an extroverted dread-head surrounded by guffawing thugs in wife-beaters
Beautiful, giggling brown-skinned women with short shorts highlighting 
 Their ample backsides
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I've felt these sensations before.
They submerge through my skin, swim through my bloodstream, and slip through the cracks between my knitted muscles.
They believe me to be unaware of their slow and agonizing consumption
Their stinging bites that leave an irresistible sore that no soothing ointment or vat of leaves and herbs can remedy.
No, you must use the most abrasive sand paper- strike that; the sharpest blade- to scrape past the red skin, tear through the muscles, and finally scratch the surface of my bones until the point of the blade is dull or until the sand paper's touch is like that of printer paper.
Damn these detestable parasites!
They would suck me dry and then feed off each other to satisfy their appetite.
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Mature content
Apartment Poem (10/7/2016) UNFINISHED DRAFT :iconaginnation:AginNation 2 0
Mature content
The Death of Grendel :iconaginnation:AginNation 2 0
My First Haiku
She sheds tears of shame
For her beauty because
He says that she is ugly
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Appealing the Robin
Orange-bellied robin, perched on the tile roof,
Come to my porch for a while and we’ll share my cake.
I don’t know any bird calls and I can’t build a birdhouse,
But I think we have a lot in common, you and me.
I watch the people scramble across the streets,
Striding across the sidewalks, disappearing behind corners.
We are invisible to some and glimpsed at by few.
You ignore the ways of the people and merely focus on finding higher places.
Higher places away from the racket that man brings by day and the ruckus they bring by night.
I demand that you do not ignore my plea.
Descend from the grime-ridden gutters and settled upon the arm of my chair.
I promise that I will bid you nothing but silence.
In return, I want someone to be as the tulips rooted in the green garden in the springtime,
And stare at the clouds with me.
:iconaginnation:AginNation 7 2
What The Blind Man Seeks
I’m a blind man who is reliant on all his senses excluding the one,
Walking a stone path, some parts cringingly rough, others smooth,
I have no shoes and no not where I go, but dare not cease to move,
I hear voices, screaming and exclaiming to come closer and go further, 
I feel crowds of bodies huddled around me, pushing and pulling me about,
Each with plans of their own, but none were mine, so I crawled my way out,
Back to the road, my feet search for a path soothing to my soles,
So that I can walk to my destination with comfort and ease,
Walk to my destination and listen to the leaves sail on breeze,
My destination is a place where I plan to arrive and walk no more,
A place that can call home, and I will be happy because it will be sufficient,
And there I will do as I please, what feels natural and not care nothing for what was efficient,
I will take a cue from the trees, who hide from my ears, with their stillness,
I shall never again require anyone to assist and down a
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So many words can describe her immaculate beauty,
Her skin that resembles vanilla pudding,
Her hair that looks like the peddles of a rose,
Her basic yet inexplicably addictive figure,
Her light and smooth lips,
One could stack sentence upon sentence about what she means to him, but to the hapless dunce’s discontent, with no avail,
Because to her, each breathes that[G1]  he expels to form a word is nothing but a breath of air.
A man can ramble about how a friendly hug is like giving a teaspoon of water to a trout out of water,
How every time she speaks in a meek voice, it sounds as sweet as honey,
How one’s body trimmer’s with excitement and fear when they first speak to her,
How one would grovel on their hands and knees like a slave so she could acknowledge him as a friend,
How even a grin at a corny joke that
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Plum Tree in the Wilderness
Too long.
Too long have I roamed this sand-flooded land for me to recall when I arrived and how far I have gone. For miles and miles, my blistered soles beat the first and perhaps only footprints into the hot, unforgiving sand. My skin, as moist and pungent as that of a frog, agonizes as it bears the sun’s burning glare. I endlessly ponder whether or not this barren landscape is truly reality or if the saturated sweat pouring from me is not a result of the sun, but a nightmare with lucidity of grandeur.
But something different happened. Usually life manifests itself as the creatures that slither beneath the sand, run to the bushes, hide under the ground, fly overlooking the Earth guided by the spot
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I live in Indianapolis.God is the head of my life ->t<- and I believe that I'm a work in progress .I kinda dont have a life and I'm an outcast at high school so I listen to music, practice freestyling, play games on 360 and sega genesis, and write poetry and stories. I hope to make a carer out of it. But anyway I'll post some stuff as often as I can. Thanks for reading
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So I was just brainstorming a poem, and I pondered what hidden message or idea I wanted to embed in it. Then it occurred to me, why shoot for a theme? Why not just try to practice writing descriptively rather than expanding on a hidden meaning. Therefore, I wanted to pose a question towards writers or those who are interested in poetry: does a poem always need a theme behind it? 



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